Our wonderful knitter has been keeping us supplied with new socks through the Autumn and Winter and we can now offer a good, but regularly changing stock.


Manufacturing costs have risen steadily - quite understandably - and we have reluctantly decided that we must put up our prices.

Our socks start their journey at shearing time in June. The fleeces are graded in Devon, washed and carded in Wales, spun in Yorkshire, dyed in Scotland, knitted near Loughborough and finally get back to Lilac Cottage some 12 to 18 months later.

Put like that, I hope that you will agree that they still represent very good value.

Whether you are looking for stylish everyday socks for normal wear, hard wearing boot socks and shooting socks, specialist cushion soled walking socks for all day comfort on the trail, or bed/lounge socks to keep your toes toasty around the home or at night, then you need look no further than the pages of the Charlton Alpacas online catalogue.